Elephants on Parade


The last few months have marked the first truly prolific sewing period of my “career.” I plan to post about all the little things I’ve been making for A, but for now, I thought I would start this blog (EEEEK! :)) with my first completed project of Spring Kids Clothes Week. I will try not to make a habit of using iPhone photos. Soon my SLR will be charged, but I wanted to get this one on the web before A woke up from her nap! Anyway, if you’re unfamiliar with KCW, it is an awesome idea, especially for people like me who tend to have creativity in bursts. Several times a year, KCW inspires people all over the world to spend 1 hour every day for a week sewing (guess what?) kids clothes! It’s like the week before your college mid-term, where you compress all your energy into a little “cram session” battery that somehow magically supersizes your capacity for accomplishment, et voila! Kids clothes.

KCW spring 2015

The theme this spring is “Wild Things.” I currently have a number of garments underway for A, and NONE of them were “Wild Things.” So when I was reminded by my calendar that this is go time for a big sewing push, I started examining my fabric shelf to see if I had anything “wild” on hand. I came across some elephant fabric from JoAnns that I’m pretty sure I bought before A was born 3 years ago. I am certain I had a plan for these happy little elephants at one point, but as of now it totally eludes me.

Purposing this fabric was a whole other adventure. What do I make? A is big enough now that 1 yard doesn’t amount to much, and the elephants are a bit too loud for my simple style of garment anyway. I suddenly remembered that one of the many sewing books I have out from the library was this. The same book I used last year to make A a summer sun hat. A few naps later and here is her elephant Sunshine Off My Shoulders Hat in all its safari wonderfulness.


I made the size 4-5 pattern, and it appears to be on the small side for A. Luckily, we know a lot of littles who can benefit from my sewing trials. I used a simple lavender gingham for the lining and straps and purple bias tape for the trim, all from JoAnn’s. A real plus of this KCW project was that came together nearly cost-free since I already had everything except the bias tape in my stash.

So I’m excited to finally be starting this blog (I’ve had the URL and Etsy shop name for some months now), and a continued sewing discipline, and perhaps even one day a stocked Etsy shop. I’ve discovered one thing for sure, I am a “maker of things” by nature. Seems to be a driving force in my life. There’s a quote about that by William Blake. I liked some of his other quotes as a youth, but I definitely was introduced to this one alongside all the other chick flick watchers in the world during a random TNT appearance of “P.S. I love you.”

“‘I must create a system, or be enslaved by another man’s. I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.'” – William Blake

Hopefully, this blog will be a nice place to share and celebrate my main reason for creating at the moment: Family. *Sigh* I finally have one of my own. It feels beyond great to be called “Mama,” especially by a giggly sweet, sweet little one with inflated cheeks and bouncing curls.

All I can ask for is to live a happy life, to do what I love, and to be surrounded by people that I cherish.




One thought on “Elephants on Parade

  1. Aunt Mer says:

    I’m about to take on a much more simplistic sewing project, but one that I hope will open up more sewing opportunities. I loved reading your blog and look forward to seeing more!


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