Ice Cream Love


If you follow any other children’s sewing blogs, chances are the author has experience with Oliver + S patterns. My experience with the Ice Cream Blouse, reiterates the general consensus that Liesl is one very talented pattern maker. This pattern is one that I’ve been wanting to try for a while now. As a beginner sewist, I started with a lot of free patterns and built my way up to some of these “gold standard” patterns. I made two little blouses for A in size 4T, which fit her majestically fast paced 2 year old body just right. The first one (above) is a beautiful Kona cotton in both main fabric and lining.

I love the lines of this pattern. The finish on the bodice is so incredibly clean, and makes for a polished and durable looking garment. The notched neckline. Oh how I love thee. It somehow highlights the glowing cheeks above it. Sewing this pattern is truly a dream. There aren’t a whole lot of pieces to stitch and the whole thing comes together in a jiffy.


For A’s second ice cream top, I again went with simple and clean looking, but with two fabrics. The polka dots are a calico cotton from JoAnn’s and the white is a Kona cotton again. I like the dense feel of Kona cotton compared to some of the other thin cottons out there. Despite being white, this top shows no transparency, although my daughter does enough belly showing of her own.


Again this pattern came together quick and easy. I like the contrasting button loop closure on this one. I think I see many more ice cream blouses and dresses in A’s future. I’d like to try maybe a print next time like Gail’s briar rose top or Aneela’s adorably light blouse. But I think next in line for this pattern is a dress for sure. With pockets for sure. We are a little into pockets these days. Pockets for hands and standing like a little tea pot, pockets for rock collecting and pockets for stuffing with wooden eggs from the craft store (OOPS!) well, at least I caught her before the authorities were notified!

If you’re ever looking for a go to simple top for your little ladies, I highly recommend this pattern. Liesl’s instructions and tips are unparalleled. Each step is straightforward and concise and her patterns always include hints to avoid common pitfalls. These tops have already been worn a lot with accompanying cardigans, I know they will see even more use throughout the summer months!

– Cynthia


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