Spring in the City Shorts


As with most things on the Purl Bee website, I fell in love at first sight with these City Gym Shorts. I knew I wanted to do a floral print for the front of the pants and I’ve seen this sort of “denim” color popping up everywhere these days. I just love it for a little girl. The City Gym Shorts pattern comes in a variety of sizes ranging from wee tots to lovely wide hipped ladies like myself. I haven’t attempted to make myself a pair yet, but I’d like to eventually. Since I was about 10 years old, I haven’t really had much luck with shorts. I’ve had this blessed hour glass shape for many years, and as A is proof, it’s served me well. But when it comes to summer bottoms though, I’ve pretty much been restricted to capri pants or men’s shorts since I entered my second decade. Someday I think I will tailor a shorts pattern to be perfectly flattering to my frame. Someday soon, I think!


A, however, looks adorable in just about anything. These shorts for me were the pinnacle of cute. Definitely at the top of my list of favorite things I’ve made for her. The floral fabric is a calico cotton from JoAnn’s and the denim cotton is one of their country classic solids. I have a feeling I will be going back for more of this floral print. I don’t know if it is the long winter or just a typical spring feeling but floral prints like this one are sort of my happy place right now.


I really like the sportiness of these shorts. The side inlets are perfect for an active little girl. A is running, jumping, and climbing all day, every day now. Girl needs a wardrobe that is down with all that. These shorts fit the bill. They are super light and airy and I really like having the bias trim be the same solid as the back panel. It really emphasizes the POP of girly up front with all those happy blossoms.


I made A the 5T version, and I think next time I will add some length to them, and maybe even a little extra tush space. I had a little trouble printing the pattern, where not all the lines printed, so I ended up extrapolating a little bit. They turned out just fine and came together faster than A’s nap. I’ve decided that the small amount of fabric required and the general ease with which I can churn out articles of clothing means that summer is now my favorite time to sew.


I added my little ant friend here because, every little thing needs a friendly critter to accompany it. If I ever end up opening an Etsy shop, I will order some pre-printed custom tags. It is just so fun to have a little something of a “brand” on your pieces of lovely work. For now, this little guy is perfectly fun and fitting for the job.


I definitely recommend this pattern. The Purl Bee, in general, really. I have a long list of things just from their tutorials and patterns that I will be making over the coming months and years. I already have a few more of these City Shorts ready to sew in the next few days for both A and some of our other precious littles!

– Cynthia


3 thoughts on “Spring in the City Shorts

  1. Aunt Mer says:

    Just love what you’re doing! I’m sewing more but still not as comfortable with the machine as I would like. It will just take time. Keep it up and enjoy!


    • cynlwalker says:

      It definitely took a while for me to get the jist of the new machine. I think my excitement watching it sew tons of buttonholes for me just pushed me thru the time it took for me to figure out my timing and feeding with the non-pedal foot machine. For a while when I first got it, I was like a manic mother in the passenger seat of her 15 year old’s first driving experience trying to find that darn pedal! Now I can’t even imagine switching back. Soon it will be as easy as pie for you! I haven’t tried any of the text options yet or a bunch of other feet, but I did use the zipper foot and it was great. That reminds me of something else I made in the last few months that I need to post about! Next week perhaps 🙂 Thanks for following the blog and for your encouragement!


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