Spring Colors



Oh I am so enjoying spring this year. Seeing everything come alive is somehow new and exciting for me. It seems entirely plausible that this warm ooey gooey feeling is akin to how no one in Ohio seems to remember the snow accumulations of the winter prior, and is therefore overcast with downtrodden surprise when March hits and we receive major snow. Maybe I felt the same way last year? But alas, no. It cannot be!

I walk out our front door and immediately am filled with the desire to frolic in the grass, smell flowers, hunt for critters and dance under the “big tree” out back. Surely, this is unlike any spring this world has ever seen! A large contribution to this, undoubtedly, is having a 2.5 year old adventure buddy who is equally as overjoyed to feel the sunshine on her skin, collect leaves and rocks and other treasures, and rejoice in the freedom of getting dirty and wet in the river without feeling chilled.


I don’t have a finished product to share today, but I am excited to post some glimpses of my contributions to the wonderful colors of spring. The first is this blanket I’ve been working on. I will post the details once it is finished. But isn’t it SO happy!? I don’t care at all that it is sort of silly to be working on a blanket just as the weather is taking a turn toward hot and humid. These happy blossoms of color are all the same to me, regardless of the climate. I find myself scheming to find time to sit in this chair next to my over-sized box of yarn and begin meditatively crafting blossom after blossom. Sometimes during nap, it’s almost like the creation of this blanket is in tune with the tide of nature. Our (rather plump) resident squirrel sits on the ledge of our living room window. We exchange a passing nod and begin our work; he systematically turning each sunflower seed cradled in his paws while he nibbles, and I doodling circles in the air as I cradle my work and fiddle my hook through loop after loop.


I am having fun mixing these around and coming up with new color combinations as I go along. I’m in the process of sewing a bunch of bedding for A and this is going to be my little cherry on top when it’s all said and done. I have a few other works in progress at the moment, but another day, another post. Here’s our last bit of color for today: colored beans for our sensory tub this week. The colored pasta we did last month has been fun, but I’m predicting squeals of excitement upon the end of naptime today. I’m holding back my own desire to mix up the tub myself!

Happy Spring!

– Cynthia



One thought on “Spring Colors

  1. Aunt Mer says:

    Wow! I love the blanket you’re making — the colors are wonderful and you show skill in crochet similar to your sewing skills. Love the vibrant colors of your beans! How did she react when she got up?


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