Summer Things


Despite what the calendar may say, it’s been summer for a while now here. Translation: we’ve been spending an enormous amount of time outside and it has been truly joyful! This has also meant that my sewing and handcrafting is now in miniature spurts, saddled between swimming trips, park trips, playground trips, strawberry picking trips, gardening and hours upon hours of playing with the watering hose.


I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it before, but A is 100% all about water play. In fact, if all her day consisted of was eating and water play, a happy girl she’d be. She’s currently teaching herself to swim. Truly. We take her to the pool, but she’s asking to dive for rings, to take off her water wings and swim by herself. She’s determined to go down the water slide as soon as possible.


Speaking of water, remember those colored beans? Well, they got moved to the porch for some activity time during mom’s annual washing of the car, and apparently I wasn’t the best hose operator. I came to find that once the car was washed, my happy little girl was still sitting in the beans box, except they were white beans… and my girl was a beautiful rainbow fish!


Strawberry picking. When we got to our row, and started picking, A seemed a bit down. I was so confused, since I thought she would LOVE picking strawberries. She was pretty serious and looking all around taking it in. I finally asked her about how she was feeling, and as it turns out, the mental energy it takes a 2.5 year old to NOT consume strawberries when surrounded by them is enough to turn a sweetie pie into a Rainman. Once the gates to consumption were released, there was no stopping the smiles on this sweet sticky face.


And she was quite the helper. It probably took us twice as long as most, but we definitely shared the task of finding the reddest of berries. The top she is wearing is my latest addition to her summer wardrobe. The pattern is the Swingset Tunic, another Oliver + S favorite. I adore how this top turned out. It’s perfectly sweet for my incredibly sweet little girl.


The main fabric is a happy little calico cotton from JoAnn’s. I also lined it with some polka dot fabric and finished with some buttons from my stash. I made A the size 5, and it turned out pretty roomy. I love the overall shape and finished look to this pattern. A really doesn’t like tank tops. I bought her some knit ones to go with pj pants for summer pajamas, and she’s not liking them AT ALL. This top, however, just stays perfectly centered on her shoulders and despite being large for her build, it still manages to provide full coverage. Most of the extra space is in the armpits.


I really enjoyed sewing this top in small spurts. It sort of allowed me to savor each step, and there’s a decent amount of time in this top spent entirely on finishing the garment. I sewed up another pair of Purl Bee City Gym Shorts in a navy herringbone that turned out great. I have another pair of those in pink and flowers, and another Swingset Tunic in polka dots, both cut and sitting on the ironing board for when I have another rainstorm or nap to allow for their creation. I’m having a lot of fun stocking A’s summer wardrobe, in case you can’t tell!


Happy Summer!

– Cynthia


2 thoughts on “Summer Things

  1. Aunt Mer says:

    Just love these pictures! The top is beautiful and when I first saw it, I thought you had probably made it for her. Your skills are enviable! I haven’t touched the machine in such a long time and looking at what you’re doing always puts me in the mood to sew again. Love the strawberries and container you used for picking! Much better than what we use here.


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