Bottoms Bonanza


Here is a glimpse of what I’ve been up to lately. A has officially outgrown my Oliver + S patterns (sad face), and before I bust out some big bucks to buy some new patterns, I’ve been trying to max out what I can with free patterns. The first is a pattern I’ve already talked about here. The Purl Bee City Gym shorts posted here. I love Love LOVE these. Since the first pair I posted, I’ve made 4 other pairs, one for a little friend, and 3 additional pairs for A.


I love all the floral fun going on in these, but I have to say, my favorite pair is the simple navy herringbone. They are super versatile and just look very cozy and fun. This is a great pattern, which you can tell is easy to make since I’ve essentially built A’s summer wardrobe on the foundation of these shorts!

IMG_1423IMG_1420 IMG_1421

The second free pattern is Caroline’s PJ pants & shorts pattern. This pattern has been so great at filling in the gap since our Oliver + S PJ pattern is now too small for A. I’ve really enjoyed making some lightweight summer pajamas for A. The first were the Easter pajamas I made back in the Spring.


Then the shorts for summer. For the shorts, I added a cuff, like you would for the full length pants, and I used a monogramming design stitch instead of top stitching around the cuff.


Last, I made these (my favorite) from a cotton I saw on clearance at JoAnn’s one day. The fabric screamed “BOY!” but I just loved all the little critters for A’s summer pajamas. I was determined to spiff them up to be a little more androgynous. I think the red accents could go either way, but the little ladybug buttons sort of push it into androgynous territory, perhaps. I added a number of features to this version: faux buttonholes with ladybugs and little ties on the sides of the cuffs. I love these ones so very much and A does too. She has a strange relationship with bugs these days, so I’m hoping that little things like this will help her develop some comfort and affection for the critters that so ubiquitously inhabit the world we live in.


This pattern is easy to follow, has very little piecing, and includes sizes 12 months to 7/8 years. It takes a decent amount of fabric, but that seems to be a surprise that I am encountering more and more now that Ava is in 5T land.

IMG_1395 IMG_1402

We saw local fireworks in the comfort of our blanketed truck bed. It was relaxed and wonder filled. We brought our pup, who did surprising well being cuddled through the first bit of *BANG**POP* *SIZZLE*. We all enjoyed passing cuddles along on A’s first fireworks 4th experience.


A’s been watching Little Travelers DVDs whenever Mama needs to get some big cleaning done around here, and in the Japan episode, the girls talk about how “fireworks” are called “fire flowers” in Japanese. I have much more fondness for that term and it sort of made watching them this year somehow more beautiful to think of them as flowers lighting up the sky.

I hope you had a lovely holiday spent with fire flowers and lots of cuddles!

– Cynthia


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