Rollerskate Dress



I hear from the people of the world that this bug is going around. Here I thought we brought it with us from the Carolinas! I’ve been down with the Bug 3 weeks, A 2 weeks, and the husband 1 week. It ain’t been pretty. Autumn is officially here, probably for a while now, but we’ve been in the house for what seems like weeks trying to survive the royal Bug. I love this season. For starters, it is the absolute perfect hiking weather. No mosquitoes, nice breeze, lack of scathing UV rays and probably most importantly, lots of little treasures to find scattered about. Leaves, acorns, pine cones, critters getting ready for winter, geese in the air.

The dress above is another Oliver + S pattern, called the rollerskate dress. I haven’t made nearly enough from this pattern! This dress has seen a lot of use and somehow is not yet stained, despite A’s hard efforts to dye it the general brown food color. Sewing this dress was the first time I have lined a garment. I just used a soft muslin from JoAnn’s and it looks an feels great. I have to say, it wears better and also has a nice “store bought” quality to it as a result of being fully lined. I’ve spoken already about how Liesl’s patterns are just a gift to home sewing. The Roller skate Dress is no exception.

The fabric also just happens to be one of Liesl’s, if I recall correctly. It is from the Lisette line, though I can’t remember what it is called. I loved this fabric when I saw it in store. It just screams little girl on the beach to me. It’s also a very heavy cotton so it is incredibly durable and seems to stand up to whatever A throws at it, or ON it.


We managed to perfectly time our family vacation so as to leave on the day the rain started. The weather was beautiful every day except as we were leaving. We spent 99% of every single day on the beach or in the pool. A loved it. We have so many cherished and funny stories as a result of this trip. It’s one we will think of often and tell and retell at our family dinners for years to come.




At two years old, A took to the beach like it was her backyard. My only concern was that she might regress on potty training since she got pretty comfortable with the whole “dilution solution” to staying on the beach all day. She’s been 100% toileting since last winter, but she is only two after all. Once we were in land, the general cues of being indoors seemed to be enough and she transitioned just fine.

I hope to post once more this week, with our Halloween costumes *fingers crossed*. After that, my goal is to resume once per week posting now that the Bug seems to be vacating our house slowly but surely. Hope you are soaking up all the pumpkin and corn festivities your tummies can handle!



One thought on “Rollerskate Dress

  1. Aunt Mer says:

    So sorry about the bug! Glad to hear you are on the mend. Love the postings and pictures and I’m looking forward to reading more once you start posting more often!

    Aunt Mer


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