When I was a little girl, there was really only one adult I felt “got me” in terms of what being me “at my age” was like. This person was my godmother. Sort of like a fairy godmother. She always gifted the “coolest” things and was the grown girl I thought to be the most pretty. Since A was born, I’ve started to get to know my godmother as an adult, which has proven to be even more special. She’s now become a woman I can confide in and come to for advice. Sadly, this past week, she lost her dad at 84 years old. He was as kind and sparkly sweet as she is.  What do you get someone when they lose a parent? I have no idea. I started to think about what comforts me when I’m feeling sad or lonely.


I’m a little bit of an oddball though, as I have deep fondness for just about everything warm and cozy. It drives my husband and daughter a little batty. For example, I’m sort of in love with my slippers and have had them for years now. They are these ones and they are basically sleeping bags for your feet. They make me all warm and gooey inside my proverbial heart. Also, there’s no such thing as too many blankets in my book!


In Dutch, there’s actually a single word for that “warm and cozy/homey/ooey gooey lovey dovey feeling.” It’s “gezellig,” and honestly if I had to sum up what my life’s purpose is in one word, it would be that. Gezellig. So you can understand how providing “gezellig” for someone else is wholly satisfying for me. I knew I wanted to make her something that fit that bill, but wasn’t sure what. Then I remembered a tutorial I’ve had earmarked for a project for A’s bed.

So I decided to make “Na-Na” (as A calls her) a Purl Bee Lap Duvet. I changed it up a little bit, but honestly these are so easy that I finished it during A’s nap today. The grapes and feathers fabric is “Homestead” by Juliana Horner and I love it so so much. Juliana Horner is daughter of Anna Maria Horner, who has published books and is a quilting authority and more recently opened Craft South.


The backing is a stone colored cotton from JoAnn’s that ended up matching the feather color pretty perfectly. For the batting, I was unable to find Dream Wool locally, so I used cotton batting from JoAnn’s. I didn’t quilt the duvet simply due to lack of time (the calling hours were tonight and I just found out yesterday). I used the monogramming foot on my sewing machine to make a lovely little tag for the corner reading “Love you Nana.” I’ve gotten into this habit of adding sentiment to sewing projects thru tag messages.  It kind of makes me feel like a little sewing fairy sprinkling happy fairy dust over a project. Thus, adding to the gezellig factor :).

I’m really satisfied with how this duvet turned out. I hope that Na-na really enjoys snuggling up under it this fall. It has a nice weight to it and may just work for winter too. In fact, I may just have to make one for our living room and (finally!) scrap the raggedy old volleyball fleece that has been hanging out there. I’ve had fabric for making A’s duvet now for way longer than I care to remember. I think having sewn this one and quite easily at that, maybe I can be brave enough to unfold the double gauze for hers. I imported the double gauze from Japan and I’ve been reluctant to even touch the stuff! But alas, before any more duvets, PENGUINS. 3 penguins. 1 baby, 1 mommy, and 1 giant penguin! Boo at the Zoo is this weekend, let’s get to work!



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