Third Year


This week we celebrated A’s third year with us. I don’t think we could have packed much more into 2. She mastered her balance bike, learned to swim, started gymnastics and was introduced to soccer. She became independent at the playground and barely needs help with the monkey bars. We pitched a tent and camped for the first time. We ran a couple 5ks. Learned how to use a knife to make a sandwich, to brush one’s teeth and do all other bathroom things. You know, sort of learned how to survive. It was challenging, astonishing, and so very overflowing with love.


A’s birthday banner was a great sewing project pre-birthday. It was fun and, of course, had a very special end product. The pattern is from a book called Stitched in Time by Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy. I fell in love with the idea she mentions in the book of taking a picture of A every year with her birthday banner and watching her grow beside it. This book is a little treasure chest of thoughtful and timeless gifts. I highly recommend it.


The fabrics for the banner are a collection of quilting cottons from JoAnn’s. I used a number of polka dots and florals and added in  Rainfall from Cloud 9 Organic’s “Sparkle in the Rain” line. I just love those raindrops and gold sparkles. I originally thought the floral prints were too busy but they really added a nice variability to the banner. I used quilt binding in navy for the line and although the book calls for 3 yards, in order to have 18 inches for the ties on either end, I had to add a little extra to my first 3 yard package. Keep that in mind, especially if your child has a long name!


The weekend before her birthday, as I’m tucking her in one night, A tells me she wants a birthday crown. OOPS! I have made her one for the last two years but somehow forgot to add that to my list of pre-birthday projects! Thank goodness for her incredible memory. As in the past, I used the pattern from Heidi & Finn, which is free and easy. Just be sure to measure your kid’s head and make sure you size it appropriately in elastic length. I used some pink and grey felt from my stash for this and trimmed it with some lace left over from a blouse from long ago. Easy peasy.


It’s pretty cold in these parts already, and I wasn’t feeling quite adventurous enough to self-draft sleeves for A’s party dress. Instead, I decided to make it big enough to wear with a shirt underneath. This year’s  birthday dress is a modified Geranium. I have made so many tops and dresses with this pattern over the years and Rae just never lets me down.


This time, I did modify it slightly because I was interested in a high-low version. I have seen this style before and really like it for little girls who are playing on their hands and knees a lot. This dress falls perfectly so that A doesn’t kneel on it when she is playing. I hemmed it in a strange envelope fashion to accommodate the length change. It seems to work with the geometric style of the triangles fabric. Anyone who knows where to find a tutorial on hi-low styles please let me know!


Both fabrics are from the quilter’s showcase at JoAnn’s.  As soon as I saw these I knew exactly what I was doing with them. I used three mother of pearl buttons for the closure that I repurposed from an old felted wool sweater. The rest of that sweater is becoming mittens, by the way.  I will be posting those very soon! All in all, this dress was fast, cheap and very pretty. I can say without a doubt that we are both happy with it.


I think a month ago my mama heart was pretty torn up over this milestone of turning 3, but now I’m just excited for all that 3 can be. Greetings from our newest family member, Bartholomew Bear. Happy holidays!!






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