Sneaky Peek


Out from hibernation in the dusty corners of the fabric store is this sweet little guy. Ready for what is forecasted to be an Antarctic Halloween. l never worry about the weather and always make her costume out of fleece. I will post her former costumes once I am all finished. Anyway, the amount of cushy fleece that went into this hat is sure to keep A’s noggin toasty warm this year!


The hat is mostly constructed from what JoAnn’s refers to as “Blizzard fleece,” which I might add was just on sale for super cheap! As in under 3 dollars per yard, cheap. The eyes are a combination of felt (blue and white) and fleece (black). There really wasn’t a whole lot of rhyme or reason to it. I took a general fleece ear flap hat pattern (this one) and then constructed it; all the while paying no attention to the tutorial. I just put it together bit by bit as it made sense to me. Trying it on A as I went. She then told me that all this trying on business is making her not want to do Halloween AT ALL. Of course at the time the hat had nothing cute about it. It was a boring black circle.


How could she not give in to these eyes bulging with love, right?! We shall see when she awakes.

I’m off to do more penguin creation, with this little face cheering me onward!

Happy Halloween!!

– Cynthia


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